Summertime 2013

There have been so many changes in my life these months but I have found my place, my spot to stop and recharge, reconnect, regroup and relax.   I'm all about the patio at my new home!

 Patio furniture by Threshold at online only, throw pillows from
One Kings Lane, pots from Miguel's Imports, Austin, TX, rope lights
installed by an amazing handyman and rug from my dear friend Laura.

 This is my view each morning as I have coffee with my feet up... about to install a
fountain from a pot that matches exactly the ones above.

One of my current reads...

My favorite way to dine... al fresco.   I love how the scrolls in the rug are
visible through the glass top table.

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Springtime 2012

Here are some shots around our home, specifically the "Secret Garden" where Emma spends many hours... they add inspiration to our day when we can sit and just be without the phone ringing or the stereo on.

 Cute weathered bird house church amongst the Victorian blue salvia

 stone path that leads from the front to the side yard
 Mountain Laurel that smells like grape koolaid!

                                      Peach blossoms!                            Meyer Lemon blossoms

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Mary said...

Hi Stacey,

Do you plant your Meyer lemon tree in the ground or keep it in a pot? I would love to have one too! :-) I am in the same climate as you as I am just down the road in the Hill Country.

Thanks for your advice. :-)

Love from a fellow Texan,