Sunday, August 29, 2010

C 130 flyby over Steiner Ranch today!

While in the kitchen today at 12:30 we heard a ZZZZOOOOOOOMMMMMM and I knew instantly what is was... ran outside to the back and watch as 3 additional C 130's flew overhead at a low altitude.   It was an impressive Steiner Ranch fly by and I threw my hands up in the air and clapped as we got buzzed.   My husband asked me why I was applauding and I said "this is my history, this is who I am..."   I'm an Air Force Brat full of pride for the red, white and blue!!!   What impressed my husband the most was that I identified the aircraft immediately.  He came inside and did a google search and sure enough, it was the C 130.  I know my planes and I still love the smell of jet fuel!


Kim (Liv Life) said...

Had to smile as I read this! My husband was an Air Force Pilot! I used to sit in our front yard with the neighbors when he did locals in the 141... "There he goes again!" We would shout!
Today he flies 767's and recently my kids and I drove down to the San Diego airport to see he land and pick him up. My daughter's face lit up as he did a big "wave" (wing waggle) to greet her! Oh... I should probably mention that he flies for UPS... the boxes didn't mind! He did get a call from the tower asking if he was all right though.

I'm with you, I get a big thrill whenever the planes fly over and I love the smell of the fuel too!

The Mayor said...

I just moved to Steiner 30 days ago and was surprised to hear the low flying buzz the other day.

About 12 years ago I was vacationing on Walloon Lake in Northern Michigan. I thought it was Armageddon or that Jesus had returned when the cottage shook and I heard a BOOM.

Of course the fighter jets were long gone by the time I ran outside. Turns out we were in a flyover pattern area out of Selfridge Base...It was a thrilling summer.