Friday, August 20, 2010

Steiner Ranch Restaurant closing - TexMex coming soon.

It was announced recently that Thai Harmony Restaurant in Steiner Ranch will be closing its doors on September 19th.   It was a difficult decision for the owners, but having 2 asian inspired eateries in Steiner proved to be tough.  So in it's place will be Suelo Nuevo, a Tex Mex Bar and Grill.

Steiner needs a Tex Mex Restaurant as right now everyone heads over to Flores and Mesa Rosa.  So our inventory will consist of the following delicious places:
  • Steiner Ranch Steak House
  • Fions
  • Lakeside Grill
  • Cho Sushi
  • Suelo Nuevo TexMex Bar and Grill
And don't forget about Cups and Cones for your dessert or morning coffee or The Market for those already prepped meals for the busy family!

At this point, I'd say that we are set!   We certainly don't need to throw in a Randall's now - do we?


Anonymous said...

This place does not belong in a community with standards as high as Steiner Ranch - what a disappointment! My wife and I walked in and we noticed there were only 3 or 4 other couples in the whole restaurant – but they commented that it would be a 5 or 10 minute wait. They sat us in the bar area and handed us a paper menu with about 10 menu items total.

I ordered the chicken enchiladas and my wife ordered the chicken chimichanga. Both entrees were worse than if we went to Taco Bell. All ingredients appeared like they were just off the shelf and put in the microwave. The chicken was heated ‘canned chicken’.

Stacey Rider said...

So sorry you had a below par experience. I have not tried it yet, but am curious now. Perhaps they opened up too fast and had not received supplies such as nice menu's etc. I'll put my Food Critic hat on and swing over there this weekend and post a comment on what I see.

Thank you for your honesty!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Food was below average and didn't taste fresh at all. Big disappointment.

Robby said...

I would agree with the negative experience posts from Suelo Nuevo. We also visited the restaurant last week and it was bad all around. Our waiter was in the weeds with three tables, our wait for the food was extensive, and the product was not good. Yet another disappointing food experience from this location.

COACH said...

well i worked here for a few weeks. the people are nice. i mean, deep down, the staff is whole heartedly compassionate and caring. BUT it is their livelyhood to run a business and the dollar will make even the nicest of people do morally wrong things... like knowingly put out dirty dishes. the dishwasher was broke for a few days. yeah. And overall the organization in the back was impossible. Somehow they are making it work. I never ate anything except for the fajitas on the hot plate and no tortilla or fixings. so. ya know. The margaritas though are hand squeezed lemons and lime bases. But you'll need a clean glass first. Holler.

Anonymous said...

What coach said doesn't surprise us in the least. Dirty dishes, you have got to be kidding! And the comment about "lack of organization" in the back is an understatemente. Take a peek inside the walk-in, and around the kitchen.

Anonymous said...


From the reviews of this place I'd be careful eating there. I'm not sure how safe it is. As far as cleanliness, check out how dirty the dining room is. When the menus are too dirty to touch, you probably want to eat somewhere else.