Thursday, April 1, 2010

Commercial shoot for Mandola's Italian Market

My husband Trey and I just finished a commercial shoot for Mandola's Italian Market in Bee Caves.   It was a wonderful experience meeting Damian Mandola, the entire crew and Corder market staff.   The place was super busy, and we were table extra's, sitting behind Damian as he showcased some of the incredible menu items.   We were directed to smile and eat... toasting and chatting.   The food was of course awesome and Damian was his energetic and animated self!   We truly love to go to the Market and even head out to Trattoria Lisina and his winery  in Driftwood for special celebrations.   My recommendation is the Zinfandel... it's incredible!

Keep your eye out for us on The Food Network, major Cable Stations and News8Austin!

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