Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Davis Cup Brunch

I catered a special event Friday morning - a Davis Cup Brunch.   GO USA was the theme and the idea was to keep it entirely American.   What's more American than Buttermilk Biscuits???   The menu consisted of biscuits three ways; mini biscuit bites with local honey butter (that I made), mini biscuits with hash (gravy and crumbled sausage) and then finally a biscuit sandwich, sort of a cross between a BLT and Eggs Benedict - sliced tomato, bacon and a poached egg between a buttermilk biscuit.   When you cut or bite into it, the yolk oozes out to create a wonderful "sauce".   With a side of salted fruit and lime, the ladies were set for the 7 hours of tennis matches.

Patriotic Table Setting!

Davis Cup tickets!

Mango, watermelon and papaya salad with salt and lime!

Mini biscuits - just pop in your mouth good!

Local honey butter - easy to make.

Biscuit Sandwich with a perfectly poached egg.

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