Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2012 Sausage and Opera Festival, Elgin GIVE AWAY!

I have 2 VIP tickets to the 2012 Sausage and Opera Festival in Elgin on Saturday, May 26th.   These tickets include front row seating during the 2 hour FAVA performance and includes 2 meals!   FAVA is the Franco-American Vocal Academy set with a beautiful chamber orchestra.

How do you win them???

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Tickets will be at will-call for pick up!


The City of Elgin Welcomes Specialty Sausage and Sounds from Franco-American Vocal Academy


WHEN:            2012 Sausage and Opera Festival
Saturday, May 26
 WHERE:          Elgin Depot Square
310 North Main Street at Depot Street
Elgin, Texas 78621

WHAT:            Music and flavor collide at the 2012 Sausage and Opera Festival. The City of Elgin welcomes lovely sounds and tasty bites through a unique evening festival. Opera singers from the Franco-American Vocal Academy along with a chamber orchestra will serenade festivalgoers in a memorable two-hour performance. The group will perform La Perichole, Offenbach, which is sung and acted in a combination of French-English and Spanish. To satisfy the palates of guests, a plethora of famed Elgin sausage will be on site including a special “opera sausage” created exclusively for this year’s event.

                        With the 2012 Sausage and Opera Festival come a number of story ideas:

                        Memorial Day Recipes: Just days before Memorial Day, the 2012 Sausage and Opera Festival will show off the best barbeque in Texas. Interview festival participant and Southside Market Chef Bryan Bracewell on secrets to perfect grilling for Memorial Day guests.

                        Profile A Fava Student: Deemed “especially likeable and pleasing” by the Boston Globe, American lyric baritone DeMar Austin Neal IV consistently delights audiences at home and abroad on both the operatic stage and in concert halls. Interview Neal to find out what a day in the life of an opera singer contains. For more information on DeMar Austin Neal IV, visit www.demaraustinneal.com.

                   Why Sausage and Music: Beginning as a joke when asked by friends why they moved to Elgin, FAVA Founders William Lewis and Frederique Added’s answer of “to start a sausage and opera festival” became a reality.  The two incredibly accomplished, classically trained singers moved to the “Sausage Capitol” after a stay in Austin. Find out why/how the two combined their passion for the arts with the city’s love for sausage and how the festival benefits up and coming talent.


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