Monday, June 21, 2010

The Next Food Network Star dream... post 1

I had the most vivid dream early this morning, and woke up with new recipes in my head!  I was a contestant on the Food Network's The Next Food Network Star and had to create my interpretation of summer into a one bit appetizer.  Since yesterday was Father's Day, we made our fall off the bone Baby Back Ribs served with my fresh take on Cole Slaw and Sweet Potato Fries.  So in my dream, I created a smoked rib meat and slaw recipe that started with infusing olive oil with cracked peppercorns and garlic.  I used that as a base to saute my large croutons, which are the base to my appetizer.  Then topped with my crunchy slaw, topped with smoked rib meat. In my dream, it was delicious... so I have to make that today, right???  I also made a cocktail to go with it, and created a Lemon Martini with a garnish of candied lemon peel and frozen grapes.

So... keep checking back today for my dream recipes to become a reality!

Up first is that peppercorn and garlic infused olive oil which is super easy to do.  Under normal circumstances, just by adding your ingredients to olive oil and letting it stand for a few weeks will infuse the flavors, but when you are pressed for time, warming the olive oil up will speed the process.   I also smashed the garlic cloves and cracked the peppercorns to get their flavors bouncing!  I will filter the oil once it is room temperature and that will be one of my flavor layers!

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